ECR1600 Power Rewind Reel

Jan. 11, 2008

The Hannay ECR1600 power rewind cable reel offers a live connection of power cable for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly for continuous current during cable payout and rewind.  


The ECR1600 features a 45 amp 3-conductor 600V collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring from the collector ring to the junction box. The standard collector assembly has copper graphite brushes with copper alloy rings for each circuit. Assemblies with additional conductors and/or amperage up to 75 amps are also available.

  • Choose removable crank rewind or chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric or compressed air motor.
  • Adjustable cam-lock brake on crank rewind models.
  • Optional strap brake available on power rewind models.
  • 3-conductor, 45-amp collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring.
  • Rollers and roller mounting brackets are accessory items; specify roller position.