OEM micro-diaphragm liquid pump

Feb. 1, 2008
KNF announces its newest addition to the OEM micro-diaphragm liquid pump line, the FMM20.This is a solenoid-driven diaphragm pump designed to dispense accurate, factory-set volumes of 20 µlit/stroke, and is field-adj. from 5-25 µlit. Featuring quiet operation, long-lifetime, and flow-tight in both directions, it offers a choice of manifold mounting, hose barbs and threaded ports. Material choices include PP/EPDM, PP/FFPM or PVDF/FFPM. Install it in any position, mount it close to your desired pumping function, unlike other larger pumps that mount in remote locations. Self priming, there is no tubing maintenance, it can run dry and has a long lifetime. Perfect for transfer and metering functions in analyzers, instruments, fuel cells. Pumps built to NSF/ANSI Standard 169 are available. Diaphragm pumps provide consistent, reliable operation over their lifetime which make the FMM a good alternative to peristaltic pumps which exhibit inaccuracies and tubing failure.  All standard KNF pumps can be customized to meet specific OEM performance requirements.  With its low current and power consumption, the FMM is ideal for mobile, battery-powered appliances, but is also suitable for use in analytical instruments, chemical ink-jet printers, fuel cells and dispensing  for a variety of devices. Prototype quantities available for OEM designers.