Eco-Friendly INTERCEPT® Protective Wrap

Feb. 2, 2008
Now, get Eco-Friendly protection for high value components in shipment or storage. The new INTERCEPT® Protective Wrap from Birchwood Casey provides long term corrosion protection without using volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) or other chemical substances.    This chemical-free Protective Wrap has a unique patented function that neutralizes and removes corrosive elements inside the package to protect sensitive or high value components for up to 20 years in normal warehouse conditions. In many applications, it is more effective than VCI wrap in preventing corrosion and is much safer to use, not only for the environment, but also for the parts being wrapped and for the workers handling the product.     Completely recyclable, the INTERCEPT Protective Wrap is odorless, with zero outgassing of volatile organic compounds and no transfer of chemical residue to the parts being wrapped, or to workers’ hands. It is completely safe to handle. And, because the INTERCEPT Wrap has no chemical content, it is safe for disposal as a non-hazardous material, or it can be recycled as a re-usable plastic material.      The INTERCEPT Protective Wrap is ideal for shipping and storing high value components inside INTERCEPT protected bins, boxes, or shipping containers. It is available in several convenient-to-use forms: pre-sized, zip-closure bags, large gusseted tote-bin size bags, stretch film and flat stock. The large, gusseted bags can be used for larger items or as tote-bin liners to be filled with parts and zip-tied. The 48 inch flat sheet stock can be used for odd-shaped components by wrapping and taping. The stretch film can be used to enclose pallet-sized loads, machinery and other large assemblies.