A new generation of cutting fluids has been announced by its manufacturer, JTM Products, Inc. KoolRite™ 2580 is the first of a new class of metalworking coolants which combines many positive qualities of traditional synthetics with those found in soluble oils. Containing neither conventional petroleum nor vegetable oils, the product is a chemical emulsion that obtains its exceptional performance from renewable resources.Although not a traditional synthetic, KoolRite 2580 coolants are intended to be employed in place of synthetics in machining high temperature and high nickel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and exotic metals. Unlike synthetic coolants, KoolRite 2580 provides a light oily residual film that lubricates and protects machine components such as palette changers and work holding fixtures. This attribute, usually associated with soluble oil coolants, helps prevent rust, a well-known negative associated with synthetic fluids.KoolRite 2580 has shown exceptionally high machinability ratings. It yields excellent results for milling, drilling, tapping, screw machining, cut-off saws, turning, reaming, broaching and form milling. It is very stable and will not split or phase separate.When machining 6061 T6 aluminum, KoolRite 2580 synthetic has prolonged drill and tap life from 10 to 15% over the highest quality synthetics while reducing coolant consumption from 15 to 40%. It has also outperformed chlorinated, soluble oil coolants for machining of stainless at 3-4 RMS finishes. It is non-foaming, even on high pressure applications. KoolRite 2580 is formulated with JTM’s Bio Armor™ technology, making it highly resistant to bacterial and fungal growth, yielding extremely long sump life while lowering coolant consumption, related disposal costs, and eliminating the stench associated with most coolants.When broaching hardened steel, KoolRite 2580 has improved tool life 50% , 3000 vs. 2000 cycles between regrinds,  over a well-known synthetic coolant. Cycle time increases of 40% have been achieved by replacing traditional oil when machining tungsten medical parts.* Appearance: Concentrate Dilution Clear, amber liquid, Cloudy amber emulsion * Odor: Bland chemical * Specific Gravity: 1.00 at 20° C (68°F) * Bulk Density: 8.00 lbs/gallon at 20°C (68°F) * pH (5% dilution): 8.8 typical * Solubility: Complete