Miniature Color LCD Display

Feb. 16, 2008
EarthLCD’s new 2.7-inch LCD Display provides an innovative solution for OEMs looking to speed and simplify new product development in small form factor products requiring graphical user interface (GUI).  The ezLCD-001-EDK incorporates intelligent programmability and quick connectivity that provides virtually instant GUI interface.  Small size lends itself to hand-held applications such as weight displacement meters, analyzers, and other products with compact space constraints.        The ezLCD-001-EDK serial LCD module features a 2.7-inch active color matrix TFT LCD display with 256 colors, embedded processor and LCD controller.  The proprietary design also features transflective display with LED frontlight, 8 bit parallel, 3 to 6 volt supply voltage, and optional touch screen control.        Key to the device’s intelligent programmability is the integral processor and LCD controller that allows design engineers to quickly customize firmware, graphical objects and interfaces for the specific application.  Connectivity is quickly accomplished via Serial, USB, or i2C.  Then, bitmap images, fonts or icons can be quickly uploaded and controlled with a microcontroller or PC.  With the majority of the electronic graphical components incorporated directly into the LCD, time normally spent on designing and debugging custom graphical hardware and software is eliminated.   And fewer components need to be purchased and stocked by the OEM or manufacturer.        Existing products can add a GUI or status display LCD quickly and with little change to the system.  Unlike competitive products on the market, the ezLCD provides a modular design for simple custom integration and its color capabilities offer desirable aesthetics for competitive advantage over emerging products.        “The 2.7-inch hi-bright display is perfect for virtually any small form-factor application requiring LCD with GUI capabilities,” says Steve Cipolla, EarthLCD President.  “Embedded programmability combines with cutting-edge connectivity to provide a virtual turn-key solution for incorporating GUI as seamlessly and cost-effectively as possible.”        The new 2.7-inch ezLCD-001-EDK is the smallest of EarthLCD’s ezLCD product offering, which also includes the ezLCD-004-EDK(5.7”), ezLCD-104 (5.7”), and ezLCD-101-EDK (10.4”).