Micro Solenoid Driver Connector Saves Energy, Coils

Feb. 8, 2008
Canfield Connector’s Series D5400 Micro Solenoid Driver (MSD) is a connector that improves performance while reducing heat buildup in solenoid valve operators. The MSD induces faster solenoid pull-in with a high input voltage then automatically reduces voltage during hold-in. This not only increases efficiency but extends solenoid life and saves energy. The MSD is available in Mini and NEMA 4 DIN 43650 Form “A:/ISO 4400, EN175301-803:2000 enclosures and can be used to replace low voltage power supplies allowing a 24 VDC solenoid valve to be operated by 120 VAC. It also enables coils to be energized for an extended period of time without burnout. The MSD is available in both fixed or adjustable versions with standard LED indicator lights and a 9 foot cable.