40A High-Temp Automotive Relay

Feb. 7, 2008
Sunnyvale, CA, February 4, 2008 — Fujitsu Components America, Inc. has released the market’s smallest 40A, high-temperature-grade automotive printed circuit board relay. Capable of switching heavy loads such as for power outlets, fan motors, electronic power steering and starters, the FBR53-HW relay replaces larger plug-in relays to conserve PCB weight and real estate in Electronic Control Units. Applicable for use in automotive, commercial and recreational vehicles, the new FBR-53HW is a 1 Form U (Form A) relay that measures 15.5 (L) x 12.2(W) x 13.7(H)mm and weighs 6g. It has a contact rating of DC 14V, 40A (resistive load with both contact connected) and can handle a maximum 80A inrush. Made of a liquid crystalline polymer material, the relay is surface-mount compatible and has an operating temperature range of -40C to +125C degrees, making it suitable for use in engine compartments. The relay features a low contact resistance of 1.2 m ohms average (at 7A,12VDC). It has a mechanical life expectancy of 10 million operations and an electrical life of 100,000 operations. The relay series comes in standard coil voltages of 9, 10 and 12Vdc, with 0.86W coil power. It is constructed of lead-free materials and meets environmental disposal program requirements. • Operate Coil Power - 310Mw • operating Temperature Range - -40° C TO + 125 ° C ( No frost) • Weight _ Approximately 6 grams • Strength – Pulling a terminal in its longitudinal direction for 10 sec.at 9.8N (1Kgf)