Precalibrated Position Sensor

Feb. 14, 2008
Macro Sensors, a sensor company specializing in the manufacture of Linear Position and LVDT-based linear sensors and gaging probes, has designed a position sensor that is hermetically sealed, frictionless and will serve as a long-life replacement for failing potentiometers in a wide range of industrial position measurement applications such as machine tool positioning, hydraulic cylinder positioning, valve position sensing and automatic assembly equipment.  Offering frictionless position feedback similar to the potentiometer, the LP750 Series position sensors have no parts that wear out, offering unlimited cycle life and greater performance than a potentiometer. Unique coil winding configuration and digitally enhanced analog output enable a compact design, making units ideal for use in applications with limited installation space.  Constructed entirely of stainless steel, these hermetically sealed sensors are sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68.  The LP750 position sensors can, therefore, withstand the harsh and corrosive environments found in steel mills, power plants and petrochemical plants.  For example, the LP750 position sensors’ reliability and capacity to withstand high ambient temperatures make them ideal for use in the position feedback of steam control valves in power plants while their significant stroke to length advantage and environmental robustness in environmental extremes enables their use in cylinders implemented in hydraulic rams such as those found in construction equipment. The LP750 position sensors can also be used in petroleum applications to provide down-hole drill head directional drilling position feedback control and valve position.Electrical termination through a sealed radial connector permits access to either or both ends of the unit for better mechanical support and guidance. It also makes position sensors easier to clean out and provides for a shorter installed length compared to units of the same range with an axial connection.  The LP Series position sensors are available in standard ranges of 4” (100 mm) to 25” (600 mm) and are offered in a precalibrated loop-powered 4-20 input/output or a nominal 24V DC input 0 to 10 V DC output.  In addition to providing a high stroke to length ratio, high resolution, excellent repeatability and low hysteresis, these position sensors have a maximum linearity error of +/-0.25% of full-scale output.