Seal-A-Tube Tube Saver is a patented two piece system is used to help seal and maintain an open flow path on opened dispensing tubes. Many people use nails, screwdrivers, or wooden dowel pins to keep the unused product from being wasted. Unfortunately, in most cases they have to throw the dispensing container away anyway. Our unique patented system helps to re-seal the dispensing tube nozzle using the SEALING CONE, which fits tightly around the dispensing tube of the product. The OPENER/CLEANER acts as a secondary seal when it is placed inside the SEALING CONE where it completely seats on top of the SEALING CONE. The unique design of the OPENER/CLEANER also helps seal the dispensing tube using the barbs as independent sealing chambers to help stop air from entering the dispensing tube. When the product is ready to be used again, simply twist the SEALING CONE several times in either direction. Then pull the complete unit off by using the ring or the flange on the OPENER/CLEANER. The unique design on the OPENER/CLEANER will help open the flow path of the dispensing tube’s contents and remove any possible obstruction. The SEAL-A-TUBE TUBE SAVER allows the product tube to be hung up for easy storage. The unit may be used re-used by placing it over a newly open dispensing tube of a like color or it can be cleaned following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.