Piezo Motor Family Drives Applications

Feb. 21, 2008
MicroMo Electronics, Inc. announces the addition of a family of linear and rotary piezo motors to its product offering.  The simple, cost-effective, robust designs meet the needs of applications from consumer electronics to metrology instrumentation.The Piezo LEGS® and PiezoWAVE™ motor lines eliminate common problems and offer new possibilities.  Interfacing piezo-electric material directly with the output drive allows backlash-free positioning down to nanometer or microradian resolution and eliminates the need for gearboxes, leadscrews, nuts, and other fragile transmission components.  In addition to increasing longevity, the removal of complex transmission increases system efficiency.  With better efficiency and low voltage operation, the piezo motor offers a superior alterative to many traditional motor solutions, especially for battery applications.  Piezo motor demo kits for each motor type are immediately available from stock with a 24 - 48 hour turnaround.