Thern Brings Power and Precision to Barge Handling

March 5, 2008

Winona, Minn. – Port operators, contractors, millwrights and large grain companies continually move thousands of barges around – a job sometimes assigned to hydraulic systems. The risks of that can be avoided by Thern’s new barge handling systems which deliver power, control and reliability with their dual-winch barge positioning system. The system may operate in either a manual or auto mode. When in the auto mode, one joystick controls both winches, maintaining tension on both lines as they pay out and are taken up. In the manual mode, the operator can run the winches separately allowing them to be used for other tasks such as opening roll tops or staging other barges. The winches are adjustable by dial controls for stopping torque, takeup tension, and duration of deceleration time. Pilot lights alert the operator of the current operating mode and status of the winches.

Thern, Inc. is a major designer and manufacturer of winches, cranes and hoists for virtually unlimited industrial applications. Founded in 1948, Thern is headquartered in Winona, MN and markets its products worldwide.