Switch Rated Welder Plugs for Safety and Code Compliance

March 11, 2008
Meltric Corporation is pleased to introduce its line of switch rated Welder Plugs and Receptacles. Switch rated plugs and receptacles from Meltric are the ideal solution for new or existing facilities that are concerned about electrical safety and code compliance.  When you buy a Welder Plug from Meltric you are effectively getting a safety disconnect switch for free. That’s because Meltric plugs and receptacles are UL/CSA approved for branch circuit disconnect switching, they are rated to safely make and break under full load up to 200 amps. Furthermore since Meltric’s Welder Plugs and Receptacles meet code requirements for disconnect switches there is no need to purchase mechanical interlocks or auxiliary switches which are typically necessary when twist-type or pin-and-sleeve type devices are utilized.Many industrial facilities still utilize twist-type or pin-and-sleeve type plugs and receptacles to connect welding machines. These devices are a safety hazard because the potential exists for a worker to withdraw the plug while it is under load. Twist-type and pin-and-sleeve type plugs and receptacles are not safe to disconnect under load. To prevent live plug disconnection sometimes mechanical interlocks are installed, but the interlock safety feature is defeated any time an extension cord is used. Welder applications are a particular safety concern because the welding machines may be drawing current even when they appear to be ‘off’. To facilitate safety, a separate disconnect switch could be installed near each welding receptacle, however in most cases a better alternative is to utilize switch rated welder receptacles and plugs. Meltric’s Welder Plugs and Receptacles simplify compliance to NFPA 70E electrical safety requirements because they maintain a NFPA 70E defined hazard/risk category “0” during electrical equipment connection and disconnection processes.  The welder receptacle features a safety shutter that maintains a dead front thus preventing unintentional access to live parts so there is no need to wear cumbersome personal protective equipment when relocating a welder. Instead a technician can disconnect welding machines in complete safety and with plug and play simplicity.Meltric Welder Plugs and Receptacles feature a butt-style contact technology (similar to that used in motor starters) that has a proven track record for safety and reliability. The contact surface is solid silver nickel which withstands arcs very well and its conductivity in an oxidized state is more than twenty times higher than brass, thus providing lower operating temperatures and longer product life. The butt-contacts are spring-loaded (via a coil spring) to ensure constant pressure and performance over thousands of operations. Additionally, when the contacts mate they do so with a self cleaning wiping action that helps to remove deposits from the contact surfaces and thus enables performance in dusty or dirty conditions.