Mounting System Tilts Surveillance Camera Angles to Correct for Non-Vertical Installs

Feb. 23, 2008
Dotworkz today introduced the E-Z Lock™ Pole Mounting System that employs a tilt-and-locking mechanism to enable the positioning of surveillance cameras at the exact viewing angle needed to compensate for slanted poles or walls, or to set a camera to monitor an upward/downward application, such as an escalator or cars traveling on a steep hill.Precision fabricated from rugged 18-gauge steel, the E-Z Lock is compatible with virtually all camera enclosures from major manufactures including the Dotworkz D2™. It is exceptionally easy to install, requiring only a standard screwdriver, plus offers the versatility of fitting to poles with diameters ranging from 1” to 2.5”, unlike standard pole mounts only designed for 2.5-inch applications.“Until now, camera installation professionals were left with few options when a pole or mount was not perfectly vertical,” explained Will Ferris, President, Dotworkz Systems, Inc. “This mount not only empowers them to achieve the perfect viewing angle, it lets them reposition the camera in the future as needs change, as with a camera monitoring a high-rise construction site where stories are being added.”