I/O & Communication Card

Nov. 3, 2016
PCIe® x1 add-in card offers discrete I/Os with real-time synchronization.

PCIe® x1 add-in card offers discrete I/Os with real-time synchronization and industrial networking using the EtherNet/IP™, Modbus®, and PROFINET protocols, turning any PC into a vision controller.


With eight inputs and eight outputs, the Matrox Indio I/O and communications card provides jumper-selectable signalling in both 24V and TTL-level standards, making it ideal for both industrial and laboratory use. I/Os are optically-isolated and outputs feature resettable fuses to safeguard against damage from unintended use. Configurable for both sinking and sourcing, I/Os are accessed from a standard 37-pin D-sub connector.


Delivering real-time input/output management through a dedicated hardware-assisted mechanism, the Matrox Indio enables precise timing of output events, based on either elapsed time or specific input events. Input events can be received directly from a discrete input, including from a rotary encoder or from a count derived from a discrete input. Output events can be stored on a hardware based list, triggerable though a discrete input event or one of multiple cascadable timers.

Product specifications & features:

  • 8 inputs and 8 outputs
  • jumper-selectable signalling in both 24 v and TTL-leve standards
  • I/Os are optically isolated
  • outputs feature resettable fuses
  • I/Os are configurable for both sinking and sourcing
  • I/Os can be accessed from standard 37-pin D-sub connector