Electronic Tool Crib Keeps Track of Equipment

Feb. 23, 2008
The Penco Smart Tool Crib(TM) system permits authorized employees to log into the system using their existing ID cards and to select specific tools or equipment from compartments identified on a flat panel monitor.  After successful login, the doors open automatically permitting removal of the items.  Closure of the door identifies the compartment as empty, and records the identity of the person who accessed it.  User access, duration of possession, and time of return are all logged, which in turn support a number of reporting options.  Administrators can open all doors in seconds, or lock down the system altogether.  The Smart Tool Crib is a variant of Penco's successful SmartLocker® electronic locker system, which is in daily use for personal belongings in numerous facilities.  The system shown incorporates a mix of 48" tall 2- and 4-tier compartments accessed using a standard keyboard and card swipe interface.  Optional configurations incorporate a fully integrated touch panel monitor and control cabinet.SmartLocker® is a managed locker solution that utilizes computerized identification technology to grant or restrict access to lockers in a manner consistent with the operational policies of owners and administrators of the lockers.  The system can be designed to have lockers assigned to individuals on a permanent or temporary basis.  Lockers are networked via computer to a central administrative office, where usage can be monitored and access controlled.  Password protected Administration Software has control of locker operating parameters and access.  The software contains records of electronic locker locations and users.  Reassigning of lockers and access can be done almost instantly by the system software.