M-Series Particulate Respirators

April 9, 2008
KleenGuard M-Series Particulate Respirators offer a full range of comfort features aimed at increasing compliance.  The new line also introduces color-coded protection to the market, with each type of respirator available with different colored straps.  This innovation was added after customer research showed that safety managers needed to determine from a distance if employees were using the correct respirators for a given task.  The KleenGuard M10, M20 and M30 Particulate Respirators are available in:  NIOSH N95 valved and non-valved (blue strap), R95 valved (yellow strap), P95 valved and N99 valved (orange strap). Designed for all-day wear, they feature: •    Highly visible, color-coded, woven head straps. •    Soft, foam nose pads. •    Exhalation valves to release uncomfortable moist air (M10 valved, M20 valved and M30 valved models). •    Ultrasonically bonded head straps to help keep the respirators securely in place, without pulling or breaking. •    Four levels of protection against dry and oily particulates. •    Full perimeter foam and adjustable head straps (M30 only)        Typical uses include: grinding, sanding, sweeping, woodworking and machine work.