Palion Lift Autonomous Lift Truck Easily Moves Pallets

Feb. 18, 2021
Seegrid's autonomous lift truck automates the movement of palletized goods, placing up to 3,500 lb. of payload at heights of up to six feet.

Palion Lift, the company’s first lift AMR, is designed for companies that require an automation solution that can haul payloads from one point to another, placing them at heights of up to six feet with little or no changes to their facilities, as well as work directly with other equipment to more quickly and efficiently move materials. The Palion Lift AMR offers a safer, more cost-effective method for pallet movement by freeing up the manual lift operator, providing full source-to-destination task automation for low-lift pallet handling processes.


Designed to haul payloads from one area to another, placing up to 3,500 lb. of payload at heights of up to six feet, the Palion Lift AMR automates the movement of palletized goods and is equipped with this same reliable and flexible navigation technology, using cameras, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning to safely and reliably navigate in dynamic environments alongside human coworkers.

  • Train: Drive or walk the robot along your desired routes while the AMR captures and builds a detailed 3D map of the world around it.
  • Deploy: Simply enter your desired destination on the screen and hit the go button to activate driverless mode.
  • Go: With a keen focus on efficiency and reliability, Palion Lift goes to work immediately, driving the trained routes and taking commands from Supervisor to ensure consistent delivery of goods.