JS Series 12mm Square Illuminated Tactile Switch

April 9, 2008
The CIT Relay & Switch presents the JS Series 12mm square illuminated tactile switch. Offering smooth illumination with reliable logic level tactile switching, the JS Series is dramatic with any of the red, green, yellow or blue LED’s available. Seven different cap options are offered, making the JS Series a truly versatile momentary switch. The JS Series offers designers one solution to two design criteria – tactile switching and illumination. Typical applications for the JS Series switch include audio / video equipment, consumer electronics and test instruments. Volume pricing ranges from $1.23 dependent upon volume, LED and cap options. CIT Relay & Switch lead-time is 4 to 6 weeks. Specifications: Tested electrical life is 100,000 cycles with electrical rating of 50mA @ 12VDC. Contact resistance is <50mW initial. The dielectric strength is 1000Vrms minimum with insulation resistance of >100MW minimum. Actuator force is 250 ± 50gF with actuator travel of 0.3mm ± 0.1mm. Operating and storage temperature is -40°C to 85°C. Materials: Actuator and lens are polycarbonate with nylon housing. Both contacts and terminals are gold over nickel plated copper alloy. • Electrical Ratings 50mA @ 12VDC • Electrical Life 100,000 cycles typical • Contact Resistance < 50 m? initial • Actuation Force 250 +/- 50gF • Actuator Travel 0.3 +/- .1mm • Dielectric Strength 1000Vrms min • Insulation Resistance > 100M? min • Operating Temperature - -40°C to 85°C • Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C