Miniature Micro-Layer Film Capacitors

Jan. 5, 2022
Exxelia's Miniature Micro-Layer Film Capacitors are customizable and feature an operating temperature of -67 to +284°F (-55 to +140°C).

Miniature Micro-Layer (MML) Film Capacitors have ultra-high energy density and save both space and weight while lowering components count. An energy density of 400 J/dm3 allows for the tremendous reduction in size and weight compared to traditional Polypropylene or Polyester dielectrics.


The highly customizable capacitors feature an operating temperature of -67 to +284°F (-55 to +140°C), voltages from 50 to 1,000V, and capacitance from 1 to 1000?F.


With these properties, the MML capacitors are perfectly suitable for power supplies, DC-links, AC/DC/AC power converters, charge/discharge or power generation functions of commercial/military aircraft, satellite platforms and payloads, launchers, defibrillators, downhole tools, and any applications of confined electronics.

  • Miniaturization of the function: Up to 50% size reduction vs other film technologies; matching footprint with stacked MLCC
  • Lightweight: 50% lighter vs other film technologies; 80 to 90% lighter than ceramic
  • No capacitance derating in voltage, stable in temperature (<5% drift through the temperature range)
  • Capacitance from 1 to 1000?F
  • Voltages from 50 to 1000V
  • Operating temperature: -67 to +284°F (-55 to +140°C)
  • Highly customizable