XL Graphical OCS Low Cost Compact All-In-One Controller

April 1, 2008
The XL OCS is an all-in-one controller with a best-of-class graphics display for better process visualization and machine control. At 3.75" square, the XL fits in the palm of your hand and is more compact and affordable than separate PLC and operator interfaces. Features include built-in I/O with removable terminal blocks for easy wiring, a daylight readable touch screen, and two serial ports with downloadable protocol. The XL series is the first industrial product to include support for MicroSDTM memory modules, the latest standard in removable mass storage. All XL series models have a controller, operator interface, networking and I/O built-in. Recommended applications include temperature control, pump control and tank monitoring, packaging machine control, and process control/monitoring. The XL OCS is ideal for water treatment, packaging, and agriculture industries. This product is CE compliant.