SI-HG63 Series Hinge Safety Interlock Switches

March 25, 2008

The SI-HG63 Series Hinge Safety Interlock Switches for safeguarding hazards are used in place of the standard hinges on swinging guards, gates or doors. They offer two normally closed safety contacts and one normally open auxiliary contact for greater application flexibility. When the SI-HG63 hinge switch is activated, these normally closed safety contacts are forced open by a nonresilient mechanical means (not reliant on springs), interrupting the electrical circuit and sending a stop signal to the machine control. SI-HG63 hinge switches are also repositionable, with a safety switching point that is easily adjustable (±1.5-deg.) throughout the hinge’s full 0 to 270-deg. range of motion.


Banner’s SI-HG63 hinge switches are built to withstand harsh plant environments, with each safety switch body integrated into a highly robust PBT housing and integrated on to a stainless steel hinge. They are rated IEC IP67 and deliver superior performance and improved protection against defeat over actuator-style safety switches. Each hinge can support an axial and radial load of 1200 N (approximately 120 kg). In addition to in-line QD and “out-the-back” right-angle QD models, right-side and left-side hinges are available, which can be converted to operate from the opposite side when needed.