Pressure Calibration Kit Model: DPG4000-KIT

March 28, 2008
The DPG4000-KIT features the DPG4000 digital gauge with a large, backlit, 5-digital display with 16.5mm (0.65") high digits, and 20-segment bar graph; a rugged stainless steel case that meets NEMA 4 (IP65) Rating, a pneumatic or hydraulic hand pump, and a selection of fittings and hose. A pneumatic pump is included in kits with ranges of 500 psi or below which are capable of generating 0 to 500 psi pressure or 0 to 28 inches of mercury vacuum. A hydraulic pump is included with kits for ranges of 1000 psi or higher. The DPG4000-KIT has a very high accuracy of ±0.05% FS which makes it a perfect solution for field calibration needs. This product is CE compliant. Price starts at $1465