April 18, 2008
Channellock, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of quality hand tools, introduces the 10” 929 snap ring pliers to its diverse line of special purpose pliers.The 929 is the heftiest snap ring plier offered by CHANNELLOCK®, able to handle both internal and external retaining rings up to 4” in diameter – ideal for larger jobs in automotive repair shops, farming applications or on construction sites.  The 929 also includes three sizes of color-coded, interchangeable alloy steel tip sets that switch out easily with an included hex key.  The 929 completes the new three-piece RT-3 snap ring pliers set. The RT-3 also includes the 6¼” 926 and 8” 927 snap ring pliers that take on retaining rings up to 1” and 2” in diameter, respectively. Of course, all of these tools come with the unique CHANNELLOCK BLUE® comfort grips. The highlight of these versatile pliers is an easy, single-handed, quick-change switch that converts from internal to external retaining rings on the fly. The ease of switching ensures the job will get finished faster every time, and it’s sure to replace other snap ring pliers in the toolbox.Snap ring pliers from CHANNELLOCK® make installing or changing out retaining rings easy for whatever the project is: automobile, farm equipment, light construction or equipment installation.