portable, computer controlled power tool

April 25, 2008
American Power Tool Company of Wellington, Colorado has developed and patented a new portable, computer controlled power tool, designed to streamline installation of instrument grade fittings manufactured by Swagelok, Parker Hannifin, Hy-Lok and others.  Aeroswage provides rapid, accurate, assembly combined with instant documentation of high quality gaugeable fittings in seconds.  Uniting a precision drive train with an automatic electronic micrometer, the integrated fitting body capture feature grasps and holds the fitting body for effortless one handed installation of two ferrule fittings. Aeroswage delivers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability by continuously monitoring the complete swaging process. The tool’s on board micrometer dynamically measures nut to body gap and closure rates thousands of times per second during the assembly process to establish a precise final nut to body gap. Simultaneously Aeroswage compares the installation in progress to numerous checkpoints within the tool’s comprehensive data base. This ensures a reliable, repeatable swage, meeting factory recommended installation requirements for each fitting installed. Aeroswage automatically pinpoints and detects missing and inverted ferrules or cross threaded nuts. This revolutionary new tool eliminates the subjectivity of determining the hand tight starting position, manual marking of witness locations and 1 ¼ turns of manual hand wrenching of the fitting hex nut.  Aeroswage virtually eliminates the potential for tube blow outs and leaks associated with incomplete hand wrenching procedures. All data compiled concerning each swage installation is easily down loaded to your pc through the tools’ onboard USB port for archiving and future reference.  Valuable Quality Assurance data provides verification of the accuracy of each fitting’s assembly; saving you time and money by minimizing rework.