Low Cost, Dual Rail, Linear Servo Motor Stage

April 23, 2008
The DR (dual profile rail) positioning stages are a series of low cost, very stable, linear motor driven stages with travel lengths to 160 inches / 4 meters from H2W Technologies.  These wide footprint (to 15.6 in/396 mm) brushless linear motor stages have large load capabilities of 442 lbs/200 Kg, high continuous force to 445 lb/1978 N (1335 lb/5933 N peak force), high resolution to 0.00004in./1 micron, high velocity up to 200 ips / 25 m/sec, and acceleration up to 9 G’s. The DR Positioning Stages are ideal for use as the base or “X” axis in stacked multi-stage (X-Y and X-Y-Z) applications for: Vision inspection, pick-and-place, robotics, assembly, packaging, parts transfer, testing, semiconductor manufacturing, and clean room applications.The low cost DR Positioning Stages are supplied with a non-contact, 3-phase brushless linear motors commutated either sinusoidally or trapezoidally with Hall effect sensors.  Available options include: Matching servo amplifiers and controllers, a high resolution, non-contact glass or metal scale optical encoder or magnetic linear encoders with reference mark for homing.  Water cooling doubles the continuous force to 890 lbs./ 3956 N, custom mounting holes (on base and stage), and a large easy access cable carrier that can accommodate additional cables and hoses. Typical encoder output is A and B square wave however sinusoidal output is available.  These custom high performance stages have very short lead times.• Velocity - 200 inches/sec [5 m/s] • Acceleration - 9 G's 9 G's • Peak Force - 1335 lbs [5933 N] • Continuous Force - 445 lbs [1978 N] • Resolution - .00004" or .0002" [1 or 5 micron