April 18, 2008
ORIENTAL MOTOR, USA CORP. has announced the release of the RoHS compliant high output power 200 watt (BLF 6200 series) and 400 watt (BLF 6400 series) brushless DC motor and driver speed control package.  Packed with new features, the BLF driver box controls the Oriental Motor brushless dc motor from 80 to 4000 rpm, a speed range of 50:1, with a total speed regulation of 0.6% due to specified load, voltage and temperature variations.The new digital operator provides a simple but very effective programmable control feature set that allows the user to select:•    Three display modes (motor speed mode, conveyor speed mode, and load factor mode.•    Multi-speed operation available with up to 8 selectable speeds.•    Four speed setting methods including digital operator, internal potentiometer, external potentiometer, and external dc power supply.•    Overvoltage and electric shock protection per UL and EN safety standards.The IP65 digital operator that serves as both a data input unit and a display, can be detached from the driver and used at a location as far as 16.4 feet (5 meters) away,  using an optical remote control kit.The Oriental Motor BLF series is available as a round shaft torque (motor only), a pinion shaft type (to be interfaced to parallel shaft geartrain), or pre-assembled gearmotor (combination type).