Air-Assist Liner Reduces Operator Involvement and Loss of Product

April 10, 2008
– The leading manufacturer of intermediate bulk container liners and custom packaging solutions, CDF Corporation, introduces the Air-Assist liner. The Air-Assist liner is designed to aid the end user in evacuating as much product from the IBC container as possible with the least amount of operator involvement, loss of product and risk of product contamination. CDF’s Air-Assist liner requires the least amount of operator involvement necessary. The operator simply attaches the air flow adapter to the Air-Assist liner and connects the shop compressed air connection. As product dispenses from the liner, the air bladder pushes the form-fit liner towards the dispense hole. “Other systems available on the market use air to help move the product around, but they require some help from the operator to direct the flow to the desired location,” said CDF Manufacturing Engineer Jim Plunkett. “Our Air-Assist liner is hands off. The operator turns on the air flow when the dispense is started and returns when the IBC container is empty. The air bladder in the Air-Assist liner shares no common seals with the product containment portion of the bag, thus reducing the likelihood of contamination or loss of product during use.”The Air-Assist liner also allows the end user to realize a more complete evacuation of their product. Less residual product is left inside the liner, resulting in savings to the user. The Air-Assist liners are specifically designed for high viscosity products.The Air-Assist liners are available for all intermediate bulk containers sizes. CDF offers a variety of fitment choices and sizes.