The BCL500i Bar Code Reader is used in packaging conveyersystems to identify box location, pallet wrapping systems andanywhere code fragmentation reconstruction is needed suchas reading a barcode on a tire.This unit can do high-speed scanning for extremely fastapplications and has a high performance lens which providesscope for an extensive scanning field even at close range,with 800 – 1200 scans/second adjustable scanning rate. Theinnovative code reconstruction technology (CRT) softwarein the scanner can reconstruct fragments of information fromskewed, damaged or dirty codes.The unit can come as a line scanner, deflection mirror, oroscillating mirror. With RS232/ 422/ 485 , PROFIBUS orEthernet/(PROFINET) interfaces. Wherever barcodeidentification is required in your process, Leuze providesinnovative, practically oriented systems based on state of theart technology.