C-8800 Heavy-Duty 5C Collet Gripper

April 24, 2008
Rapidly Pick and Place your uniformly sized objects with RAD’s C-8800 Collet Gripper!  Unique design enables the collet to grip your part on either the outside diameter (O.D.) or inside diameter (I.D.) - now any part with a hole can be gripped! Pneumatically adjustable 360° clamping force enables rapid part transfer and allows efficient handling of delicate or rugged objects.  The C-8800 Collet Gripper can also function as a workholding device for grinding, deburring, or polishing operations.• Collet Series – 5C • Collet Type – Standard or Expanding O.D. • Height Dimension "A" - 142.7 mm • Base Diameter Dimension "B" - 127.0 mm • Nose Diameter Dimension "C" - 50.8 mm • Weight - 2.33 kg