iKey is expanding upon its industrial keyboard product line with the introduction of its newest series of membrane keyboards.The new membrane keyboards are built to withstand the harshest of environments with a hardcoated, textured, polyester film that is more rugged than industrial silicone rubber keypads. These keyboards also feature slightly raised, mechanical snap-dome keys and an integrated Synaptics touchpad. Current products in the membrane line include a desktop model and a panel mount model, both in stainless steel cases, and an OEM kit for integration into industrial machinery. “What’s great about the membrane keyboard is there are no crevices,” said Joel East, Director of Technical Design at iKey. “If you’re working around processing byproducts, grease, or other things that might accumulate between the keys of a regular keyboard, you can just spray it down and know that it’s clean.” In addition to the easy cleanup, the membrane surface is slick and rugged, specifically made to withstand directed hose water, disinfectants, environmental contaminants and heavy use. The Synaptics touchpad is completely sealed under an extra layer of PVC membrane, which extends the life of the product. The current membrane keyboards are modeled after iKey’s popular 5K line of industrial keyboards, featuring 24 function keys. Part numbers include the DT-5K-MEM-TP (desktop model in stainless steel), the PM-5K-MEM-TP (the panel mount model in stainless steel) and the KYB-5K-MEM-TP-OEM (the OEM model).Future additions to the membrane keyboard line will include LED backlit models