May 17, 2008
Flow Technology, Inc. (FTI), a leadingmanufacturer of precision flow measurement instruments, systems andcalibrators, today introduced the "Gecko" Flow Transfer Standard-the nextstep in on-site flow meter calibration.  The compact Gecko system utilizesthe EZ-LINK(tm) portable interface box and EZ-CAL(tm) menu-driven softwarefor inline comparison calibrations with the unit under test (UUT).Designed for both liquid and gas applications, Gecko is an alternative tocostly primary standard calibrators for in-house calibrations orverifications.  The system consists of software and a USB interface boxwhich allows the user to interface with a computer of their choice.  Masterflow meters can be supplied by Flow Technology or the user can choose to usevirtually any meter technology they desire for a master reference meter.Gecko's EZ-CAL software receives inputs from the master flow meter,temperature sensor, and pressure sensor (gas systems) for calculating bothvolumetric and mass flow units.  Overall system accuracy is dependent onseveral factors, including master flow meter calibration, repeatability andprimary standard accuracy; as well as temperature/pressure sensoraccuracies.  This fundamentally allows the user to tailor the accuracy ofthe system to meet their needs through the level of master sensors theychoose to utilize.The Gecko system can be installed into an existing application utilizing theflow source and actual conditions of the liquid or gas.  In addition, abypass system can be built into the application for ease of installing themaster meter with flow straighteners for calibration of the UUT.  Once thecalibration is complete, the master flow meter can be replaced with arecommended spool piece.  The bypass approach maximizes accuracy whileminimizing expensive downtime in production schedules.There are no application limitations with the Gecko system with the correctmaster flow meters, piping, sensors and calibrations.  Thanks to recentadvancements in electronics, Flow Technology has incorporated additionalinput capabilities for other flow meter technologies to be used as masterflow meters.  This gives the metrologist the ability to choose the flowmeter design best suited for the process.  Flow Technology also offerscustom carts, stands and flow loops with multiple master flow meters.