May 23, 2008
Misumi USA, Inc. announces a major expansion to its popular line of single-axis actuators. With the addition of new models and sizes, the total number of configurations in the Misumi line will exceed 2600, according to company sources. Misumi single-axis actuators have numerous applications providing precision linear motion to packaging, medical, semiconductor, automotive and other automated assembly operations. On the LX Series, Model LX30 is now available with or without a motor bracket, with one or two short blocks, or one or two long blocks. All the configurations are available in a covered version, as well. In addition, a new Model LX45 will be introduced on July 1, 2008, with or without a cover, with or without a motor bracket and in the same block configurations as the LX30. The LX45 further features a 15mm or 20mm lead and a maximum length up to 590mm. Maximum stroke length is 497.9mm for one short block. Brackets are now available on LX Series single-axis actuators to allow a combination of two units on a different axis. LX Series models will be available in 1000 possible configurations, up from 200 in the original series. Misumi KUA Series actuators have also grown in configurable models from 200 to over 1600, owing to the new stepper motor type, being offered in addition to the servo motor varieties. In addition to the standard C10 rolled ball screw configuration, Misumi now offers C5 precision ground ball screw configurations for applications requiring higher accuracy and less noise. Covered configurations are also being offered in a choice of flat aluminum cover or a protective bellows made from durable, hand-sewn rubber.