May 22, 2008
A clear vinyl pouch for protecting all types of documents from the hazards of spilled coffee, oil splatter, and other common accidents has been introduced by RNR Plastics, Inc. of Raynham, Massachusetts. The Critical Documents Pouch is made from clear PVC and features a bright yellow strip that overlaps the opening on top to keep the documents inside protected from spills. Suitable for schematics, instructions, maintenance logs, schedules, and similar papers, several attachment options are offered. Measuring 9” x 12” and 12-gauge thick, the Critical Documents Pouch has a yellow flap printed “Critical Documents” which is offered in other popular colors and can be custom printed. Attachment options include magnetic strips, two-sided tape, a full adhesive backing, or eyelets for hanging. The Critical Documents Pouch is priced according to construction and quantity. Free samples and price quotations are available upon request.