Precision Top-Loading Electronic Balances

April 26, 2008
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the TX/TXB series of top-loading electronic balances that meet the recent demand for intermediate-range balances with competitive performance and price. The new line of 12 precision balances includes TX electromagnetic force restoration balances equipped with the UniBloc aluminum integral mass sensor and TXB electronic balances with a load-cell function. The TX series with UniBloc offers reliable and reproducible results, which are critical to precision balances. Shimadzu’s UniBloc is constructed from a one-piece aluminum alloy unit, replacing 70 parts found in conventional electronic balances. Unlike balances constructed with multiple springs or screws, TX balances experience less performance variation due to temperature changes. UniBloc TX balances are also less susceptible to the effects of air currents, vibration or impact. The capacity of the TX series is 220 g to 3,200 g, with a minimum display of 0.001 g to 0.01 g. The TXB series has a capacity of 200 g to 6,200 g and a minimum display of 0.01 g to 1 g.TX and TXB balances employ easy-to-use functions to avoid downtime. The Smart+ menu navigation keys are separated from measurement keys and arranged in the familiar up, down, left right circle for simple menu operation. The Smart Setting allows users to adjust the ratio of stability and reaction speed without interrupting current measurements. Users can send data directly to their PC through the Shimadzu WindowsDirect communication function without installing extra software.The TX/TXB top-loaded electronic balances are ideal for manufacturing and quality control applications, as well as research and development in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.• Capacity - 220g • Minimum Display - .001g • Repeatability - 0.001g • Linearity - ±0.002g • Operating Ambient Temperature - 5-40°C • Temperature Coefficient Sensitivity (ppm/C) - ±3 • Power requirement - AC adaptor ( DC12V, 1A )