FR series of 10mm Ultra-Thin DIP Rotary switches

May 22, 2008
NKK Switches announces the release of its new FR series of 10mm Ultra-Thin DIP Rotary switches. The FR series of binary coded DIP rotaries are environmentally friendly devices and meet the RoHS directive restricting the use of hazardous substances. At 3.8 mm in height, the 10mm DIP rotaries offers one of the lowest profiles in the industry. Available in real or complement codes, decimal or hexadecimal configurations, the FR series can be specified in through-hole or SMD models. Electrical capacity switching rating is 100mA @ 5V DC, nonswitching rating is 100mA @ 50V DC. The cam activated movable contact and gold contacts ensure contact reliability and continuity while the detent mechanism gives crisp, positive action providing accurate switch setting. Actuators are fully rotational and can be operated either clockwise or counterclockwise.