The Steelcote division of Chemline announces Floor-Nu® Penetrating Sealer, is a two-component (1A:1B) clear epoxy for sealing and deeply penetrating concrete or masonry surfaces against the effects of against moisture, freeze/thaw cycles, salts, oils and specific chemicals. This is according to John Henningsen Floor-Nu® Penetrating Sealer locks in loose aggregate on the surface and it forms a hard, impenetrable sub-surface. This product is a clear, high solids (48% by volume) coating which possesses a water-thin viscosity. This thin viscosity allows it to deeply penetrate as much as 1/4 inch into the pores of concrete or masonry surfaces. Designed mainly for use on concrete, Floor-Nu® Penetrating Sealer is in compliance with the requirements of U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in food packaging and processing operations. It may be used alone as a sealer or in conjunction with Floor-Nu® Finish or other approved Steelcote® products. This product may also be used to encapsulate asbestos fibers in asbestos insulation to seal this material completely into a solid non-friable mass. When used for this purpose, Floor-Nu® Penetrating Sealer is sprayed onto the surface with low pressure spray equipment. Floor-Nu® Penetrating Sealer may also be used as a wood or concrete gym floor sealer/finish to meet Low V.O.C. requirements. A two or three coat application is recommended for these applications. According to the manufacturer, Floor-Nu® Penetrating Sealer helps keep dusting down and it makes cleaning floors and walls easier. It also increases the lifespan of the concrete and wood surfaces. In the aviation industry, Floor-Nu® Penetrating Sealer is used under epoxy or polyurethane coatings for excellent resistance to aircraft hydraulic fluids, gasoline and oil spillage.