High Watt Drum Heaters, Model: DRUM-DHW-55

May 22, 2008

The DRUM-DHW-55 Series of OMEGALUX® drum heaters are flexible, thin, and efficient providing even heat to the contents of the drum. The heaters easily wrap around a standard 55-gallon drum and attach with a simple spring and hook arrangement. A built-in thermostat measures from 10 to 218°C (50 to 425°F). The DRUM-DHW-55 heaters are resistant to mechanical damage and attack from many chemical substances, in addition, they feature a built-in metal screen that is grounded electronically for safety. Recommended applications include painting, curing and drying, thermoforming, textile, and powder maintenance. The DRUM-DHW-55 is ideally suited for Petroleum, Mining, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries.

Price Starts at $270