Airpel-AB Air Cylinder Bearing Acuator

June 3, 2008

Airpel-AB Air Bearing Aator combines air cylinder-like linear actuation with zero friction air bearing technology. The Airpel-AB provides “force without friction” which is made possible by a specially shaped stainless steel piston that is precisely fitted to a borosilicate glass cylinder. The introduction of pressurized air into the air bearing’s cylinder creates a true air-bearing airflow effect around the piston.


With as little as 5 PSI of air applied to the cylinder, the same air that drives the piston also produces a stiff cushion of air to support the piston and prevent it from contacting the cylinder wall. The result is an air cylinder that delivers virtually unlimited piston life, no lubrication, and clean operation. In addition, the output force of this friction-free air cylinder is reduced only infinitesimally by the movement of ultra-low friction ball joints used to connect the rod. These unique qualities allow Airpot Corporation to guarantee that the Airpel-AB will exceed the life of any machine or instrument in which it is installed.


Applications may include, precise tensioning, positioning mechanisms supporting delicate materials, sensitive force control for holding or clamping fragile materials, counterbalancing and safety support for vertically positioned linear motor-driven masses, or precise laboratory test equipment.


Airpel-AB air-bearing actuators are available in metric models with four bore diameters and ten standard strokes to provide precisely repeatable driving or supporting forces from 2 grams to 58 kg. Operating temperatures range from -20 C to +90 C.