linear guide systems—Integral V Technology

May 27, 2008
Pacific Bearing Company proudly introduces our new line of cost effective, easy to specify linear guide systems—Integral V Technology. A unique, patent pending process allows for tighter tolerances without additional cost. The design itself is capable of carrying heavy loads at high capacity, velocity, and acceleration while still excelling in wear resistance. Integral V Technology also has a growing number of configurations and a wide range of uses with custom orders available. This versatile product is yet another in a long line of innovative products in PBC’s History.   With the 20 different configurations already available—and more being developed each week—the Integral V Technology is truly versatile in its application. Products in Integral V Technology include snap-In, bolt-on, integrated and compact configurations. All of which allow for easy installation, and what really sets this product and company apart from others, is that Pacific Bearing is willing to work with companies to integrate the technology into their extrusions. PBC’s engineering team is fully prepared to adapt or modify the customer’s base design with the new Integral V technology to ensure success within the application. The hardened steel V-raceway allows for a high load capacity, rigidity and wear resistance. Our rail is constructed of light-weight aluminum partnered with hardened steel V-raceways that are mechanically inserted to create high contact loads and wear resistance; thereby lowering production and replacement costs.  One of the most important features is the dramatic increase in system accuracy. With measurements taken down the entire 20’ section of the rail, current studies show the rails to be capable of holding ±0.001” from lot to lot and ±0.0005” within each lot!