HCN 8800-II Raises the Bar for Horizontal Machining

June 12, 2008
Mazak’s NEXUS Horizontal Machining Center family has expanded with the introduction of the HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS 8800-II. Now the NEXUS family offers five models from 15.75-inch (400 mm) to 31.5-inch (800 mm) pallet size. This new HMC meets the needs of high productivity for large parts production and carries on the successful concept of NEXUS machines – advanced technology, high productivity and best overall value. It features a larger work area, longer tool length and axes strokes than the previous model. Maximum work size is 57.09 x 57.09 inches (1,450 x 1,450 mm) and maximum work piece weight is 4,850 pounds (2,200 kg). The new HCN 8800-II’s 11.5-ton base and column are extremely rigid in construction and were designed specifically to accommodate these high levels of torque and part weight. The machine’s travels are 55.12 inches (1,400 mm) on the X-axis (3.94 inches longer than the previous model), 47.24 inches (1,200 mm) on the Y (3.94 inches longer), and 52.17 inches (1,325 mm) on the Z (12.8 inches longer). Mazak’s advanced spindle technology suits a variety of materials and applications. The standard is a 50 Hp, 10,000 rpm integral motor spindle with 433 ft./lbs. of torque. Or for tougher materials, manufacturers can choose the 50 Hp, 8,000 rpm version with impressive 900 ft./lbs. of torque, the highest rating available on an integrated spindle motor. The HCN 8800-II features a 60-tool storage magazine with a maximum tool size of 4.92 inches (125 mm) in diameter and 24.8 inches (630 mm) in length when all pockets are occupied. Without adjacent tools, the spindle and tool changer can handle up to 10.23-inch (260 mm) diameter and 31.5-inch (800 mm) long cutters. Chip-to-chip tool change takes only 5 seconds. The implementation of Linear Motion Roller Guide technology allows HCN 8800-II to deliver a rapid traverse rate of 2,362 ipm at 0.5 G acceleration. These roller guides offer high rigidity yet very low and consistent friction factors, critical for high machine dynamics. At the same time, low rolling friction (as opposed to sliding) leads to long life and excellent reliability. Roller Guides are more energy efficient as well while providing straight and smooth axis motions. The HCN 8800-II was designed with ease of maintenance and operation, and environmental considerations in mind. Lubrication inlets, air valves and other units are centrally located for convenient machine maintenance. The control panel has been moved from the right side of the operator to the left side so that the operator can check the machining area by a slight move of the head. Energy conservation is promoted by utilizing the machine’s standby mode. When the machine is idle for a specific length of time, the control automatically stops the hydraulic unit, spindle chiller, chip conveyor, spiral conveyor, lubrication pump, coolant pump and machining work area light. This can lead to a 70 percent savings in energy costs when the machine is not operating. The HCN 8800-II uses 45 percent less air than the machine it replaces. And, it generates 86.2 percent less waste lubrication oil using grease lubrication as opposed to oil. Operators will notice the savings on maintenance tasks and reducing the need for disposing of hazardous lubricants. • HCN 8800 • Pallet Size • 31.5" x 31.5" • X/Y/Z Axis Travel • 55.12" x 47.24" • Spindle • 10,000 RPM - 50HP (30 mins) • Cutting Feed Rate • 2,362IPM • Tool Shank • CAT 50 • Tool Storage Capacity • 43 (60, 80,120, 160, 180, 240, 330 opt.) • Table Load Capacity • 4,850 lbs.