Premium Viscous Tapping Fluid that Fortifies Coolants

June 12, 2008
Rustlick RTD is a premium tapping fluid for the most demanding reaming, tapping, and drilling operations including jobs with high strength steel, titanium, and stainless steel. Rustlick RTD is a thick, brown tapping fluid that has been formulated with extreme pressure additives that fortify water-based coolants instead of contaminating them like traditional tapping fluids. This viscous product significantly reduces the friction in operations to give superior cutting performance and finishes as well as prolonging tool life. In addition, Rustlick RTD helps manufacturers cut down on coolant maintenance and disposal costs. Since Rustlick RTD is water-soluble it is easy to clean off work pieces with a little soap and water. It is suitable for operations of all metals. Rustlick RTD is available in a convenient 12 oz. squeeze bottle and 1, 5, or 55 gallon containers.