Rip-A-Strip™: As Simple as Transparent Tape

June 19, 2008
How can you bring true innovation to something as simple as a strip door? What if a service professional could reduce the installation time of a strip door by 75 %, eliminate the need to punch holes and cut strips with a sharp carpet knife, all while reducing cost by up to 35%? Would that qualify? TMI, LLC, the leader in the extrusion and manufacture of flexible PVC products did it! The patented Rip-A-Strip™, pre-cut and punched PVC strips on a continuous roll, revolutionized strip door technology in 2003, and is now setting new standards for replacing worn or torn strips. Rip-A-Strip™, ready-to-hang replacement strips on a roll, is now stocked in the most common strip widths, lengths, and grades. Each roll ships in an easy-to-use dispenser. Simply pull the strip out of the box, hang the strip, and tear the strip off the roll. No tools or knives are required for strip replacement and installation. Strips never have to make contact with the ground or surface, ensuring original clarity. Rip-A-Strip™ replacement strips fit over 99% of all existing hardware. One box can be purchased to replace worn or torn strips, or two or more boxes can be used in conjunction with our patented Save-T Loc™ hardware to make a complete door. Rolls are available in Standard Clear, Offset Double Ribbed, and USDA Low Temp grades. Rip-A-Strip™ saves up to 35% of total strip door costs and over 75% of installation time! Stocked Rip-A-Strip™ rolls are ready to ship in easy-to-handle sizes, avoiding costly freight charges. Boxes are perfect for installers and service managers who replace strips over and over again.