NL Series, Ultra-Sub Miniature Illuminated Switch

June 19, 2008
CIT RELAY & SWITCH introduces the NL Series Ultra-Subminiature Bi-Color Illuminated Switch. On the cutting edge of technology, this switch contains two embedded, independent LED’s, with any color combinations of red, green, yellow, blue, and now white. At only 2mm in height, this surface mount switch is designed to work in tandem with other low profile surface mount components where height and space is at a premium. For use in medical, consumer, instrumentation, computer and computer peripheral, hand-held, remote, camera products, and wherever applications require subminiature switching combined with illumination. Offers 150 degree LED viewing angle. The NL Series offers an electrical rating of 50mA at 24VDC and an electrical life of 30,000 cycles typically. With a 160 gram force solid detent tactile feedback, the NL Series is available with actuator travel of 0.5 +/- .2mm. Contact resistance is less than 50mW initially and insulation resistance is greater than 100MW initially. Dielectric strength is 100V rms minimum.All materials in the NL Series are RoHS compliant. Both the actuator and the base are composed of liquid crystal polymer, the housing is Nylon 9T, contacts are silver-plated phosphor bronze with terminals of silver-plated brass.