Solves-It! Plug-in PLC Features Analog Input

June 4, 2008
Divelbiss Corporation, serving the electronic and  industrial control industry since 1974, announces availability of the  Solves-It! Analog plug-in PLC. The Solves-It! Analog series of  programmable logic controllers provide a new solution where a small, yet  versatile, logic controller is required. Based on patented* PLC on a Chip®  technology, the Solves-It! Analog is easy to apply and program. As with  the digital only Solves-It! series, Solves-It! Analog units program in  ladder logic with function block using the Divelbiss PC based EZ Ladder®  Lite software included free of charge. All of the Solves-It! Analog models  accept a 0 to 10 VDC differential input. In addition to the analog input,  each model supports a total of 6 digital I/O channels. Two of the six are  fixed as outputs while the balance of four are dual purpose and can be  utilized as either inputs or outputs as required. One channel can be used  as a high speed counter input. Two potentiometers accessible through the  housing provide external set point adjustment for both analog and digital  functions. An enhanced model adds two programmable momentary push-button  switches, a real time clock with battery back-up, and a four digit numeric  display. The Solves-It! controllers are ideal  for small system control and monitoring applications where speed,  temperature, pressure, or other primarily analog processes are involved.  Solves-It! plug-in PLCs are particularly useful in instances where panel  space is limited. The Solves-It! mounts in any standard 11-pin octal base  and requires only 1.75" of DIN rail space in the panel. “Quick Start” Kits are available that  include one Solves-it! PLC, one DIN rail socket, one programming cable,  and the EZ Ladder Lite software CD.