July 8, 2008
ORIENTAL MOTOR, USA CORP. announces the addition of the RoHS compliant DG 200 to the highly successful DG series of hollow rotary actuators. The larger DG 200 has a repetitive position accuracy of 15 arc-seconds and a total backlash of 2 arc-minutes due to its integrated high rigidity cross-roller bearing structure. A hollow through hole of sufficiently large diameter helps reduce the complexity of wiring and piping, thus further simplifying the equipment design. The Oriental Motor DG 200 has a frame size of 7.87” (200mm) with an internal hollow diameter of 3.94” (100mm). It develops 440 lb-in (50 Nm) of torque at a speed of up to 110 rpm available for positioning larger inertial loads. A number of selectable accessories are available. Equipment tables and arms can be installed on the output table. This saves one the hassle and cost of designing an installation mechanism, arranging necessary parts, adjusting the belt tensions, etc., when mechanical parts such as belt and pulley are used for installation. The DG 200 uses the Oriental Motor AlphaStep stepping motor and controller that is designed to maintain synchronous motion under sudden load fluctuations. The AlphaStep provides the error free closed loop control when moving and superior open loop step motor final positioning.