34B-Frame, 24-v Brushless DC Motor

July 23, 2008
Bodine Electric Company announces the addition of a new 34B-frame, 24V brushless DC motor to its standard INTEGRAmotor product line. The new product combines a PWM speed control, a brushless DC motor and an optical encoder into one innovative drive solution. The 34B/FV provides 1/4 hp (187 watts) and up to 100 oz-in. (0.706 Nm) continuous torque, making this new INTEGRAmotor more than twice as powerful as any model previously available from Bodine. Like the smaller INTEGRAmotors, the new larger frame size operates from a regulated 24VDC power supply, and speed is controlled with a digital Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) interface. The integrated control accepts inputs from an external motion controller or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). An enclosed 1024 PPR, 2 channel, optical encoder provides closed loop feedback to the external controller. The 34B/FV can be combined with a wide selection of parallel shaft, right angle or hollow shaft integral gearheads, with output speeds ranging from 0.3-500 RPM, and rated torque of up to 350 lb-in. (40 Nm). INTEGRAmotors and gearmotors are rated IP-44. The new brushless DC INTEGRAmotor is designed to be a lower cost alternative for applications that typically require stepper or high-end servo systems. It can also replace traditional brush-type DC motors in applications that operate continuously (eliminating brush wear, and brush maintenance), or in applications where contamination with carbon dust from brush-type DC motors is not acceptable. INTEGRAmotors and gearmotors are frequently found in medical equipment, packaging machines, conveyor systems, printing and photo finishing machinery, and factory automation applications. Special order versions of INTEGRAmotor gearmotors can also be supplied with food-grade gearhead lubricants.