Actuator for Clean Room Environments

July 15, 2008
Ideal for clean room environments, the new CGL15N/CGL20N Actuator from THK America, Inc. boasts a clean, corrosion resistant and long–term maintenance-free design.For low particle generation, the CGL15N/CGL20N features a seal mechanism and a full size cover. AFE-CA grease (designed for clean rooms) is also used to reduce dust. The CGL15N/CGL20N’s Ball Screw and LM Guide come THK AP-C treated for high corrosion resistance. The incorporation of THK Caged Technology results in long-term maintenance-free performance.THK Caged Technology employs a synthetic resin cage with a patented curvature that cradles each ball and separates it from the next one. The spaces between the rolling elements retain grease and act as a lubrication system.The CGL15N/CGL20N not only provides low dust generation, but also high-speed capabilities. It is compliant with ISO 14644-1 Class 4 (equivalent to FED209D Class 10) at 2,000 [mm/s].