Vanguard Forklift Scale

July 1, 2008
VANGUARD achieves this amazingly high accuracy by utilizing a hydraulic bypass manifold module which is mounted behind the mast on the forklift’s firewall. Hydraulic fluid (under pressure from the load) bypasses through the module where the pressure sensor reads about 150 pressure values in 5 seconds as the load slowly lowers about 20”. These pressure readings are averaged by the device and most of the pressure errors are removed or significantly reduced. (Convention single pressure reading scales are subject to considerable error from—valve opening/closing technique, tilt, lift height, bearing hang-ups, etc.) The economical and simple VANGUARD system’s accuracy compares very favorably to load cell and carriage scales which are typically at least twice the price. Additionally, since this is a hydraulic scale, it is far away from abuse taken by forks and carriages and can be used tough, high usage applications. The VANGUARD system will also log weighing events in up to 99 different channels with up to 99 different weighing events per channel. The device is standard with a RS232 serial port for exporting event log data and printing adhesive or receipt labels. All events can be recorded in Lbs or Kgs and are time and date stamped with the accurate weight in chronological sequence or channel sequence. Accurate weights assure correct payments to scrap sellers and reduces overage charges to shippers who have accurate weight logs of their loads.