PC-Mounted Servo Drive Upgrades Multi-Axis Designs

June 23, 2008
Copley Controls’ high power density Accelnet Micro servo drive mounts directly onto OEM circuit boards and delivers 6A peak at 90V for brushless and brush-type servo motors. Board mounting simplifies wiring and power distribution, reducing cost. OEMs can minimize expensive panel space and have the flexibility to use the most effective connectoring scheme. The drive is particularly attractive for semiconductor and life sciences applications involving multi-axis drive clusters. Accelnet drives work in a wide range of system architectures and are compatible with many kinds of feedback devices. Standard Accelnet command interfaces are CANopen DSP-402, DeviceNet, ASCII, discrete I/O, stepper, ±10V analog and PWM. Camming and electronic gearing capability is built-in . Copley has developed extensive distributed control software libraries for fast development of multi-axis systems. Low level code to control a CANopen network of intelligent drives is eliminated. All network housekeeping is taken care of automatically by a few simple commands linked into the user’s C++, Visual Basic, or Labview application program. Used in stand-alone mode, the drive exploits Copley’s CVM (Copley Virtual Machine) capability, enabling it to function as a versatile system controller. Simple point-and-click actions define up to 32 motion sequences. Any parameter can be assigned to a register for efficient real-time adjustment. For complex applications, Copley provides custom functions for fill-in-the-blanks simplicity.