Next-Generation KK Terminal to Meet Increasing Electrical Current Requirements

July 3, 2008
Designed to meet the demand for increased current-carrying capability, the MarKK™ terminal from Molex Incorporated is the next-generation product in the KK® terminal offering. With a technologically advanced design that serves a wide variety of industries, the MarKK crimp terminal features a high-conductivity alloy to offer up to 13.5A per line based on a 2-circuit system. It can be applied to applications in large and small computers, home appliances and consumer electronics, HVAC and diagnostic equipment. “Providing next level performance in the familiar KK terminal design, the proven “building block” connector system allows customers to create customized configurations that precisely suit any application,” said John Luthy, global product manager, Molex Incorporated. Molex’s MarKK crimp terminal utilizes a spring-box design for enhanced reliability across an extended temperature range. Its head- and tail-carried design eliminates the need for customers to monitor cutoff dimensions in application tooling, while four independent points of contact help assure a highly reliable interface. To ensure a broad selection of options, MarKK terminals are available in both pre-plate and post-plate Tin versions, as well as post-plate select Gold.